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Flexi-Eco. The very latest concept in temporary accommodation units - click here to find out more

"Not only did you deliver on time, the standard of your work was excellent. The quality was first class and the project looks exactly as we had hoped. One of our aims was to be as invisible as possible to the community with minimum disruption whilst maintaining low noise levels - you certainly achieved this - Well done to all involved" - Flexi-Eco Client

Eleven depots

Pickerings Plant was formed in 1969 and currently has eleven depots situated in throughout England. Each Pickering Plant depot manages an extensive fleet of mobile and static temporary accommodation units, made available for hire on long or short term periods.

These units are designed to provide pleasant, comfortable and legally compliant welfare facilities for construction sites, outside events, utility contracts and roadside or civil engineering projects.

The range of accommodation units are split in to two categories: Static and Mobile. These two ranges encompass; Canteens, Offices, Welfare Units, Toilets and Stores.  Some of these units combine one or more of these facilities, resulting in one self-contained installation for planned optimum efficiency.

Super- Silenced generators, Fuel Tanks and Power Washers

Pickerings Plant also has ready to hire ancillary products, such as the latest super-silenced power generation sets, with extended long-run fuel tanks, and safe electricity distribution systems.

This website details the range of accommodation units currently available from your local Pickerings Plant depot. However, as new models are designed, the Pickerings Plant range will perpetually evolve, to ensure that only the very latest models are selected. So whatever your portable or static temporary accommodation requirement are, always contact the local depot manager for the latest line in on-site buildings.




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